Frequently Asked Questions

How is the workshop organized?

It is broken down into three phases over ten weeks:

Phase 1. Planning the Work

Take a big picture look at your life and career and ultimately decide on one project to do in the next phase. This is guided by a series of exercises each week.

Phase 2. Doing the Work

This phase is primarily focused on you completing your project and continuing to check in with your Cohort.

Phase 3. Presenting the Work

Each Cohort group will have the opportunity to present their projects to each other and friends and collaborators at Showcases at the Art of Freelance Headquarters in Los Angeles from Nov. 21-23, 2019. For those unable to travel to LA, video presentations can be sent to us beforehand and shown on our projector screen.

How is the workshop organized in this online classroom?

It's organized in three phases. You will receive an email notifying you when each exercise is available and when it's due.

Who can see what I post in the online workshop (Teachable)?

The Art of Freelance workshop is shared with all ALL active participants in the Fall 2019 workshop.

The Cohort Discussion Group section is shared with your Cohort ONLY.

Remember we signed our pact to honor each other’s confidentiality and what we share.

Where will the group discussions take place?

Each cohort will have its own discussion “workshop”. This is where you will post your Weekly Reviews and any updates or information you want to share only with your cohort specifically.

Each week has its own section called “Weekly Review #___”.

We will send you specific instructions about how to join your Cohort Discussion Group.

How will I know how much time to budget and how to plan for each assignment?

Your syllabus holds the key to all planning. On your syllabus, we’ve provided estimations for the approximate amount of time it will take to complete each exercise so you can plan your days accordingly.

All assignments will be released on Thursdays so you’ll be able to look ahead and plan.

Will I need a notebook or can I do this all digitally?

It’s up to you. Some people prefer to print out worksheets and use their notebook and pens. Others prefer to do it all digitally. Either way you do it, we recommend you setup a digital or physical repository for each assignment’s worksheets and notes (i.e. Google Drive folder, or folder directly on your desktop or a manilla folder).

What if I have questions or resources to share about an exercise?

For comments and questions related to a particular assignment, use the “Discussion” section of that assignment.

Who is Helena Hustleworth?

Helena is a fictional student. If you need some clarification about any assignment, take a look at Helena’s examples.

A little more background on Helena, to put her examples in context:

Helena Hustleworth lives in Los Angeles. She has run a boutique design agency for the past decade, makes artwork of various forms. She cares about animals and the environment and loves to be travel and spend time outdoors. She’s spent most of her twenties and early thirties building her creative agency, leaving little time for things outside of it besides her relationship with her partner, Joe, and traveling occasionally.

She has long desired to make more art, launch interesting personal projects and help empower and advise other creative people and small businesses.

Occasionally, and generally briefly, she experiments outside her normal realm of design work, but her creative agency work is what makes her a dependable income so it’s been hard for her to branch out past it. She’s at a major turning point in her life now where she wants to start planning to have a family and a home, continue to run her agency but work fewer hours and start cultivating work and play outside of the typical design and consulting space. It was the perfect time for her to embark on Art of Freelance.

What if I run into trouble trying to use the Online Classroom?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll help you out.